For over 30 years, ADMET has been helping companies solve their material testing challenges. Beginning with the development of software and controller technology for older testing machines, the company subsequently expanded its capabilities to building high feature testing systems and offering full system retrofits.

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ADMET Diagnostic Sales Approach

ADMET Sales Engineers are trained to establish relevancy and credibility and guide customers through value-driven business decisions. Our sales approach is a consultative process where we mutually work with customers to diagnose their needs by having open, honest, and straight-forward conversations.

Sales Engineering at ADMET requires thorough diagnosis. We will be asking detailed questions about your testing application including the types of tests you are looking to run, whether you are following any ASTM/ISO/EN test methods, and the calculations and material properties you are looking to measure and report at the end of the tests. In addition, we will ask for information on the required force capacities and the test specimens such as their material, geometry, and dimensions. This information will then be assessed to recommend the most suitable test system or systems, load cells, grips, fixtures, and accessories such as environmental chambers and baths.

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A Note from Nicholas Gatto, Executive Vice President

Thank you for your interest in ADMET Universal Testing Systems. ADMET continuously reviews and updates our product offering to best meet the needs of our customers. Although we may not always be able to help, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to provide accurate, competitively priced, easy to use custom systems. I am always interested in possible product collaboration or new product development, if you would like to reach out to me directly, I can be contacted here.

Nicholas Gatto
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