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Industry Reviews

Education Industry Review

Education Testing Review

We’ve gotten insights from education leaders who are using testing to improve student education while also driving advances in materials science.  Organizations profiled include:

  • Harvard-MIT: The Karp Laboratory for Advanced Biomaterials
  • Northeastern University Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Northeastern University Department of Chemical Engineering
  • University of Iowa Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • UMass/Lowell Department of Plastics Engineering
  • And three case studies: UMass Medical School, Rhodes State College, and Alfred University
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Medical Device Industry Review

Medical Device Sector Review

We’ve analyzed industry trends and remarks from leaders in the Medical Device Sector.  Highlights include:

  • Slowing Growth: A Statistical Look at the Medical Device Sector
  • Environment Update: A Drag on the Industry
  • Countering Margin Pressures: Spotlight on Supply Chain and Internal Processes
  • Transparency Fuels Emergence of Value-Driven Market
  • Great Attention to Quality: Device Recalls Increase
  • Product Trends: Focus on Patient Experience and Pragmatic Cost Cutting
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Metal & Machinery Industry Review

Metal and Machinery Sector Review

This report covers issues related to testing in the Metal & Machinery Sectors.  Highlights include:

  • Metal Fabricators Efficiency Issues
  • The struggle for manufacturers to become more effective
  • Environmental concerns
  • Alloy developers and their relationship with manufacturers
  • Rising Energy costs
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Polymer Industry Review

Polymer Sector Review

We’ve identified some trends and other helpful information regarding the Polymers Sector.  Highlights include:

  • The impact of disruptive technologies
  • Raw material price volatility
  • Environmental concerns
  • Asia’s rising influence in the industry
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Testing Guides

July 2013 Testing Guide

July 2013 Testing Guide

We’ve put together this white paper to outline some basics of materials testing.  Highlights include:

  • Do Your Materials Measure Up? – Testing Basics
  • Tensile Testing Tips and Trends
  • Effects of Specimen Geometry on Elongation
  • Measurement Errors in Materials Testing
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Sheet Metal Testing Guide

Sheet Metal Testing Guide

We’ve combined two papers into one helpful guide on sheet metal testing.  Highlights include: