rich-portraitRichard Gedney, CEO and founder of ADMET, graduated from Northeastern University in Boston in 1986 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. By 1988, he had graduated from MIT with a masters degree in mechanical engineering and by 1989 he had formed Advanced Machine Technology, later shortened to ADMET.

His thesis and focus in those early years was “Precision Machine Design and Digital Control Theory.” To complete his master’s degree, Rich developed a PC/DOS based materials testing system for retrofitting a Baldwin Universal Testing Machine. This was the niche that Rich identified in 1989 — building software and controllers for material testing equipment manufacturers and resellers. Over the next 8 to 9 years, ADMET built an enviable reputation in this core software and controller niche and also in the wider market opportunity of retrofit/upgrade packages for a large range of electromechanical and servohydraulic materials testing machines, regardless of age or machine type. The engineering culture that exists within the company today was built in those early days, solving a plethora of engineering problems in the mechanical testing and measurement systems world.

about-us_macfarlaneBy 1998, it was time to translate that deep engineering expertise and launch a complete line of products and systems. In 1999, the original eXpert 5600 system was launched and over the next decade ADMET continued to invest in its product family, launching many product ranges covering tension, compression, flexure and peel/adhesion tests. It has expanded aggressively into the end user market, growing way beyond its original OEM market, and now sells to over a dozen sectors including automotive, aerospace, biomedical, construction, plastics, metals, test labs, and university sectors as well as major government agencies. Customers include Lawrence Livermore National Lab, GE, DuPont, Boeing, US Steel, John Deere, Bechtel, Medtronic, and Harvard Medical School. ADMET customers are located in over 48 countries.

However, despite the impressive success that Rich and his staff have enjoyed over the last 30 years, the business is still anchored around the original 5 principles:

  • Ease of Use — Every ADMET system will be predictably easy to use
  • Configured to your needs – We will diagnose your requirements to deliver the most appropriate system
  • Competitively Priced – We will offer the best value in terms of functionality and performance in the industry.
  • Customer Centric – Our focus with every customer will be to improve performance.
  • Accuracy – Our robust systems will deliver consistent accuracy enabling customers to conduct comprehensive, repeatable tests to ASTM or ISO standards.

ADMET has succeeded through great products and talented staff. It has consistently improved the performance of its customers with a great team of people who have executed against the company’s core principles for over 30 years.

ADMET continues to look for great people and great customers.

Our engineers are standing by to listen to your testing requirements and recommend solutions which best fit your needs

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How can we help?