Material Testing Resource Library

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A Guide to Mechanical Testing of Medical Devices

Dive into the essential guide on Mechanical Testing of Medical Devices, a comprehensive resource for industry professionals and researchers. This guide navigates you through the critical aspects of mechanical testing across various medical device categories.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Mechanobiology
  • Medical Adhesives
  • Catheters & Connectors

Orthopedic Implant Testing Guide

Our Orthopedic Implant Testing Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the types of orthopedic implants and the types of mechanical tests performed on each implant.

Topic Covered Include:

  • Types of Implants: Covering bone plates, bone screws, dental, hip, knee, shoulder, and spinal implants.
  • Test Types: Including axial torsion, bend, fatigue, in vitro, shear, and tensile testing.
  • Equipment Recommendations: Guidelines on essential testing apparatuses.

Medical Adhesive Testing Guide

This resource outlines key information on testing medical adhesives for various applications. Learn about common test types, mechanical properties measured, and recommended equipment to conduct these tests effectively.

Topic Covered Include:

  • Types of Medical Adhesives: Topical Approximation of Skin, Non-Topical Use, Adjunct Wound Closure, Suture
  • Common Test Types: Peel Testing, Shear Testing, Tensile Testing
  • Mechanical Properties: Bonding Strength, Material Compatibility, Durability, Tensile Strength
  • Recommended Testing Equipment
cover photo of a bioreactor, cells, and axial torsion test on tissue samples