Whether you’re conducting research or educating the next generation of engineers, ADMET can help

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For over 25 years, ADMET testing machines have been utilized by educational institutions across the world to help with their material testing needs. Whether you’re building a new student lab and need a tester for hands on teaching or are conducting research on cutting edge materials, ADMET can deliver a world class system for the job.

Research objectives often require testing that is the first of its kind. Along with ADMET’s standard lines of Universal, Axial-Torsion, Micro, and Fatigue Test Systems, we will develop engineered solutions built specifically for your unique application. Customization includes modified frames, increased capacity, custom fixturing, modified test speeds, environmental accessories, and integration of third party products such as digital image correction (DIC) systems. For more information on some publications that featured ADMET equipment, click here.

Our academic pricing is among the most competitive in the industry. We offer educational discounts to qualified institutions and are very familiar with the various university procurement processes like grants, startup packages, internal university funds, and others. If you are applying for a grant, our sales engineers will work with you to provide a formal quote to help justify grant proposals.

Testing equipment commonly used for research and teaching applications

eXpert 4000 Micro Tester

Micro Testing Machines

Engineered small scale universal testing system designed for the end user’s specific testing application

Fatigue Testing Machines

Fatigue Testing Machines

Fully-integrated electrodynamic and servohydraulic fatigue testing systems

Universal Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machines

Static single and dual column test systems commonly used in a variety of testing scenarios

eXpert 8600 Biaxial

Biaxial Testing Machines

Independent and synchronized dual axis control enabling a broad range of testing profiles

University customers include:

Education Testing Review

Report on Material Testing in Universities!

We’ve gotten insights from education leaders who are using testing to improve student education while also driving advances in materials science.  Organizations profiled:

  • Harvard-MIT: The Karp Laboratory for Advanced Biomaterials
  • Northeastern University Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Northeastern University Department of Chemical Engineering
  • University of Iowa Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • UMass/Lowell Department of Plastics Engineering
  • And three case studies: UMass Medical School, Rhodes State College, and Alfred University
  • Click Here to Download!

Servicing the unique needs of Universities and Research Institutes

Mike Werlich, sales engineer, was previously an applications engineer at ADMET for three years. He has a deep knowledge of ADMET’s products and ASTM testing specifications. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Material Science (Metals) from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The ADMET story started 33 years ago with testing machine retrofits and software and controller design, making the company a leader in its industry. Since then, ADMET has gone on to manufacture its own testing frames and systems, building on the core strength of its robust software design. In addition to our standard offerings, we will also tailor a custom system to meet your special testing requirements. If you would like to improve your material testing processes, contact ADMET to see how we can help.