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Tennis Ball Deformation/Compression Testing

ADMET testing machines can be used to mechanically test sports equipment including tennis balls, hockey sticks, footballs, golf balls, and more. The single column eXpert 7601 universal testing machine was used to test tennis [...]

Case Study: Medical Device Testing System To Accommodate Multiple ASTM Standards

ADMET worked with NexTek’s consulting laboratory and supplied a versatile axial-torsion testing system to perform testing on various medical devices for NexTek’s medical device customers. The team at NexTek expressed an interest in a [...]

5 Tips for Utilizing One Universal Testing Machine For Multiple Applications

5 Tips for Utilizing One Universal Testing Machine For Multiple Applications 1- Material Properties & Test Parameters  Prior to committing to a testing machine, quantify the performance and specifications of your material/product. Material properties [...]

Knee Joint Prosthesis Mechanical Testing & Equipment

The knee is a complex hinge joint with ligaments that support the joint as bone surfaces glide with knee movements including back and forth, sideways, and bent. Knee joint prostheses are intended for replacement [...]

Testing Solutions for Medical Device Consultants

ADMET works with medical device manufacturers, test laboratories, as well as consultants for medical device companies to provide mechanical testing solutions. This case study covers the testing system engineered by ADMET for a medical device [...]

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Testing: Design Changes in ASTM C1609 Equipment

ADMET is a leading manufacturer of material testing systems, indicators, and controllers. One of the industries we proudly work with is the concrete and construction industry.  ADMET data acquisition indicators were the first to [...]

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