ADMET is proud to announce the release of the eXpert 5600F Foam Testing machine.  This testing machine has been specifically configured to meet the needs of the foam testing industry.  Having worked with many manufacturers in the foam industry, we found that traditional universal testing machines are not ideal solutions to foam testing machines.  Given the large size of most foam samples being tested, manufacturers needing to test foam were often forced to buy a larger machine with much higher force capacity than what is needed.  This would result in a significantly higher cost.

The eXpert 5600F solves this problem by combining a unique frame specifically designed for foam samples with ADMET’s proven tension and compression actuators and machine controllers.


  • 20” x 20” or 24″ x 24″ perforated lower base platen
  • Tensile grips wide enough for thick foams
  • Change between tensile and compression tests quickly
  • Upper platen with swivel joint for non-level foam
  • Preloaded foam test methods and analysis (MTESTQuattro)

Watch the video below to see the 5600F in action:

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