ADMET material testing systems are ideal for performing compression tests on a variety of products and materials including concrete, metal, cardboard and plastic packaging, ceramics, and composites. The most common measurement obtained from a compression test is the compressive strength which is the maximum load a material can withstand before it yields or breaks. It is also possible to measure modulus of elasticity, yield stress, and deformation when performing compression tests. Examples of common tests include measuring the point at which a concrete cylinder breaks under a compressive load, or determining the load at various displacements when compressing a block of polyurethane foam.

Featured Configurations

eXpert 2600 ASTM D695 Testing Systems

Specialized compression testing fixture for ASTM D695

ASTM D695 covers mechanical properties of unreinforced and reinforced rigid plastics during compressive loading. eXpert 2600 systems equipped with the ASTM D695 fixture are able to run tests at the required low rates of compressive loading. The ASTM D695 fixture includes a mounting cage with compression platens and a displacement transducer for accurate sample deflection results. Click below for further information on the setup and operation of the ASTM D695 fixture.

eXpert 5000 Foam & Mattress Testing Systems

The eXpert 5603F is a product configuration specifically built to run ASTM D3574 static foam test methods.

The eXpert 5952F electromechanical fatigue testing machines are designed for cyclic testing on foam samples. This configuration can perform all the tests that eXpert 5603F can in addition to the Constant Force Pounding test specified under ASTM D3574 Test I3. With a maximum speed of 15,240 mm/min (600 in/min) and fatigue rated components, the dynamic force actuator exceeds the ASTM D3574 speed and cycle requirements. Click below for more information.

eXpert 7600 Puncture Testing Systems

Puncture testing on an eXpert 7600

The eXpert 7600 single-column electromechanical testing frames can be equipped with puncture fixtures to test the puncture strength of a variety of specimens. Common puncture test standards include ASTM F1306, ASTM D5748, ASTM D4833. Click the link below to read more about puncture testing. Note that although most puncture testing is carried out in compression loading, tests can also be set up to calculate puncture strength in tension.

eXpert 1000 High-Capacity Testing Systems

The eXpert 1000 series servo-hydraulic universal testing machines are often used for compression testing of materials that require high force capacities. eXpert 1600 series frames are capable of performing static testing whereas the eXpert 1900 series frames are dynamic fatigue testers that are engineered to meet the force-stroke-frequency requirements of your application. Click below for system specifications.

Engineered Solutions

ADMET has the expertise to design, build, deliver, and implement custom mechanical test equipment from small table top electromechanical systems to high capacity hydraulic test frames. Our team will work with you from the initial contact to ensure that the system is designed to meet your exact requirements and will be reliable and easy to use. Examples of custom projects include the “Squirmin’ Herman” Testing System for Cushions, the Bulk Solid Shear Testing System per ASTM D6128, Solar Panel Testing System, and more.

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