Universal Testing Machines are incredibly versatile tools for determining the properties of materials but they’re only as functional as the grips and fixtures with which they’re equipped!  Our grips and fixtures will expand the functionality of your machine and give you the capabilities you’re looking for. Read on to learn more about the grips and fixtures we offer.

Whether you’re pulling, twisting, bending, or crushing, we’ve got the grips and fixtures you need!

Manual Vise Grips

Manual Vise

Manual vise grips are versatile general purpose grips for capacities of 50kN or less.  More information

Pneumatic Grips


Pneumatic grips are available as either wedge or vise types. They allow for rapid sample changes and constant clamping force. Pneumatic grips are attached to the testing machine using eye-end type adapters.  More information

Wedge Grips


Wedge grips easy specimen loading, alignment and positioning. They are well suited for testing high strength materials, such as metals and composites.  More information

Rope and Thread Grips

Rope and Thread

These grips are applicable for filaments, cords, yarn, fine wires, narrow ribbons, ropes, etc. The guide rollers generate a slow notch free stress relief to prevent the breakage of the specimen in the clamping area.  Pneumatic versions available for most grip designs.  More information

Webbing Grips

Ribbon and Webbing

These grips are applicable for webbings and ribbons. The drums offer stress relief to prevent the breakage of the specimen in the clamping area.  More information

Bend Fixtures

Bend Fixtures

Bend fixtures are used to determine the flexural properties of rigid and semi-rigid materials. They are available in a variety of capacities, support diameter and widths, spans, and 3 or 4 point configurations.  More information

Compression Platens

Compression Platens

Compression platens are used to determine the compression characteristics of material samples. Platens are commonly manufactured from aluminum or steel and attach to the testing machine with an eye-end connector.  More information

Pinching Grips


These are versatile small tensile grips. Pinching grips are suitable for low force applications. They can be chain mounted for flexible positi