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Norwood, Mass. – February 27, 2013 – ADMET Inc., a provider of materials testing machines, announces the launch of the 5900 Series Fatigue Testing Systems, ideal for conducting both static and dynamic fatigue test procedures.

This machine has applications in the biomedical, film, adhesives, textile and foam industries. It ensures that international standards for product materials are met and that products brought to market exceed consumer expectations.

Recently, a foam manufacturer acquired the eXpert 5900 to measure the properties and durability of foam materials used in seats through an 80,000,000 cycle fatigue test to mimic lifetime usage. The eXpert 5900 Series Dynamic Testing Systems are tabletop machines that move quickly to simulate a fatigued environment. They are able to test a variety of components and materials.

eXpert 5900 Series Tests Wide Array of Materials

Some of the products that have been tested through ADMET’s fatigue testing machines include orthopedic fixation devices, biologic materials, composites, prostheses, spinal constructs, foams, flexible circuits and elastomers. These systems are able to test flexible products at low forces with loading frequencies up to 10 Hz to determine durability.

Some of the standards that this series can meet include ASTM F384, ASTM F1717 and ASTM F2077, which are necessary for determining the strength of orthopedic fracture devices, spinal implants and intervertebral body fusion devices.

In addition to the machine, additional accessories are provided including the PC-based MTESTQuattro controller, the standalone eP2 controller, heated fluid baths, environmental chambers, specialized fixtures, grips and extensometers. Along with these benefits, ADMET offers customer support as well as in-person, phone and online training services.


ADMET is a leading global manufacturer of innovative material testing systems. We enable customers to conduct comprehensive, repeatable tests to ASTM or ISO standards, while keeping costs under control and seamlessly integrating their testing procedures into their organization. Robust, easy to use, and consistently accurate, ADMET material testing systems are supplied to the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, construction, plastics, metals, test lab, and education sectors as well as major government agencies. Customers include Lawrence Livermore National Lab, GE, DuPont, Boeing, US Steel, John Deere, Bechtel, Medtronic, and Harvard Medical School. The ADMET team has been solving materials testing problems for over 25 years from basic applications to recent innovative breakthroughs in the medical sector.

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