ADMET Material Testing Systems are employed by companies throughout the automotive and aerospace industries. We’ve helped all manner of companies within the supply chain, whether they manufacture raw materials, produce components, or assemble the final product.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with some of our customers to produce these case studies which show how ADMET can help you with your testing needs!

Niacc-Avitech Technologies Drives Growth with ADMET Investment

Niacc recently received a customer request to add overhaul and servicing capabilities for landing gear shock absorbers to its portfolio of services. The technical specifications meant that Niacc would need new test equipment. What did it do next?  Read More

ADMET Delivers an Innovative Solution to Leading Corporate Jet Manufacturer

A major corporate jet manufacturer was asked by its customers to expand its maintenance and testing capabilities.  They needed a solution that could accommodate a broad range of aircraft from many different manufacturers.  Where could they find a machine that would be versatile enough?  Read More

ADMET Transforms Automotive Supplier Dexter Axle’s Rubber Component Testing

Dexter performs routine tests of daily in-process manufacturing friction welds on axle assemblies using a Reihle electromechanical tensile testing machine. However, Dexter Axle’s main line of heavy duty axles, Torflex, uses rubber components that are integral to the product’s performance. The question: how do you test these rubber components?  Read More

Also, check out our blog article on testing automotive interior materials with a universal testing machine.  It discusses the various components in a modern automobile that must be tested rigorously to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride.

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