Recently, a major mattress manufacturer approached ADMET to see if we could develop a custom testing solution for their company. The end result is a unique machine design that is capable of testing large mattress samples for their compression characteristics while maintaining the flexibility to test smaller samples for their tensile properties.

Four key innovations set our Mattress Tester apart from other mattress testing solutions available:
  1. Movable lower test bed – Our unique design gives users the option to reposition the mattress sample by moving the test bed itself. You can quickly and easily test both ends of the mattress without having to move the sample!
  2. Wheel locks – To ensure accuracy, two wheel locks are built-in to keep the test bed in place during testing.
  3. Movable modular actuator – In addition to the moving test bed, the actuator itself can be moved to allow for maximum testing flexibility. Test in the center and corners of your sample quickly by simply moving the actuator
  4. Tension Test Frame – Our design also gives users the capability to perform tension testing of foams and other materials. Simply move the actuator from the compression frame to the compression frame and you’re ready to go!

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