For 20 years ADMET’s focus has been on producing leading edge mechanical testing systems that are reliable, exceed ASTM/ISO accuracy requirements, and are easy to learn and use. During this time we have remained steadfast to two founding principles; a willingness to tailor our systems to meet your needs; and to provide efficient and responsive customer service; thus giving you the confidence to test with certainty.

ADMET On-Line Training Session

 ADMET trainer conducting an MTESTQuattro(R) Materials Testing System on-line training session.

Consistent with our founding principles, ADMET is now offering on-line training for all products, controllers and software. Using GOTO Meeting, ADMET will provide 1 to 2 training sessions at up to 1 hour each.  At a minimum, each session will cover:

  • How to setup and run a test
  • How to view results and generate reports
  • How to save and recall test methods

Afterward, the ADMET trainer will open the session up for questions. Participants will then be able to ask questions about the operation of ADMET systems or about testing in general.

On-site training is also available. However, most users do not require it, especially after completing an on-line training session. To schedule your on-line training session, call 800-667-3220.

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