Cover_SectorReview_MedDeviceADMET serves a plethora of sectors that have demanding material testing requirements. Our systems have been deployed around the globe to satisfy standards requirements, research needs and new product launches. Over the last 5 years we have encountered several key problems specific to the Medical Device sector.

This Sector Review tries to capture some of our experiences by highlighting, some of the problems we’ve encountered and the solutions we deployed. Based on our team’s research we also took a look at the big picture spotlighting some of the macro trends within Medical Devices & Equipment including observations by Abbot Laboratories, Medtronic, Stryker, and St. Jude Medical. Trends covered include: slowing growth, environmental issues including the impact of MDET, margin pressure, the demand for transparency, device recalls and lastly product trends.

Finally the report shares some stories from our customers. These case studies demonstrate the material testing challenges that companies face and the results that are possible by investing in the best technology. We end with a brief summary of four specific ADMET material testing configured systems designed for this sector.

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