Retrofit_TO-400k-ServoIf you are finding are unable to perform certain tests according to recent ASTM and ISO specifications due to the older testing machine controls, a testing machine retrofit may be the solution!

Systems that have been around for decades may no longer meet accuracy requirements nor do they support streamlined, repeatable testing in the same manner that new technologies allow. Instead of purchasing a brand new materials testing system, ADMET can retrofit your existing testing machine with digital controls and bring it into the 21st century.

ADMET has provided retrofit services to thousands of customers in over sixty countries and six continents. ADMET staff can provide upgrades and extend current system capabilities at a substantial cost savings. These may be in the form of new digital controllers, indicators, software products, extensometers, grips/fixtures, or environmental chambers and baths.

At ADMET, we have put together information that describes the benefits of retrofitting an older testing machine. Read more by exploring the links below:

If you are having any testing challenges and are interested in learning more about the ADMET retrofit service, please feel free to contact Orick Kelley, Account Director of the Retrofit Division, at or (781) 769-0850.

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