Why use an ADMET Test System in your test lab? To answer that, you must first ask yourself, “What do my customers want?”

  • Customers want to verify their material composition and properties before use in manufacturing
  • Customers want to certify materials compared to competitor’s materials
  • Customers want to gain valuable insight that could directly effect production process
  • Customers want to determine cause of product failure

In order to deliver these services to your customers, you need the following:

  • Testing Systems that are easy to use
  • Testing Systems that are low maintenance
  • Testing Systems that produce accurate, repeatable results
  • Testing Systems that come from manufacturer’s who are supportive and who understand materials testing
  • Access to manufacturers that have a range of grips, fixtures, and accessories to meet the needs of a wide variety of testing applications

ADMET is a global manufacturer of Universal, Fatigue, Torsion, and Biaxial Testing Machines. The greatest advantage for test labs to use the ADMET equipment is the RANGE of our test frames and the POWER of our MTESTQuattro PC-based servo-controller.

Universal Testing Machines

A Selection of Universal Testing Machines from ADMET

Tension, compression, shear, puncture, bend, cyclic, creep, torsion, biaxial, and other mechanical property tests are easy to set up, run, and review.  Our software is capable of generating instant test reports, results tables with statistical summaries, and more. Test profile or procedures can be set up easily and parameters for data sampling rates, multi-step profiles, and pre-load can be modified through clear and straight-forward menus. Data storage is unlimited with the Workspace organization system. Unlimited workspaces hold test procedures, test data files, test group results, and all calibration files. Realtime graphing can be viewed on an XY plot or an XYY plot for ease of identifying attributes of material.

Contact ADMET for an online demonstration and see why trusting an ADMET Test System will enable you to perform efficient testing, provide top of the line test results, and generate revenue for your company.

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