Orlando, FL- October 5, 2010  – ADMET, Inc., a provider of integrated materials testing systems, is showcasing their line of single, dual, and biaxial testing systems at the North American Spine Society’s 25th Annual Meeting. Booth #1891 The testing systems that will be featured are commonly used for testingASTM F1717 fixture by ADMET biomedical materials and medical devices that require both static and dynamic testing profiles as well as uniaxial, biaxial, and long term fatigue.

ADMET testing systems are critical to ensuring the integrity of the mechanical parts of spinal implants, bone screws and plates, bone cement, and other fixation devices. ADMET’s MTESTQuattro software allows the user a flexible, easy to use interface, sophisticated analysis, and presentation quality reporting capability.  ADMET testing systems comply with many ASTM specifications, including F1717, F1798, F2077, F2267, F543, F1541, F382, F384, F1264, and more.

ADMET testing systems are utilized for tests that require both static and fatigue testing profiles. Common test types include compression, bend, shear, torsion, and biaxial. Users can easily set up testing profiles or utilize preset templates that have multiple segments, cyclic, ramp, sinusoid, or sawtooth waveforms. They can also adjust control gains and end point values on the fly or activate amplitude control to automatically adjust the end point values to ensure that desired targets are met. ADMET’s testing systems can be configured with numerous grips, fixtures, and other accessories including a T-slot table, fluid bath, heating and cooling chamber, fixtures for F1717, F2077, F543.

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“ADMET’s systems are already being used in many research and production environments. We’re finding that its cyclic testing capabilities are especially popular since it gives researchers an efficient way to certify their products to meet customer requirements and industry standards” said Richard Gedney, ADMET founder and president.

ADMET Inc., founded in 1989 and based in Norwood, Mass., combines high-quality products and services to deliver the most efficient and cost effective materials testing systems. Its products range from universal testing frames, to software and specialized control units, as well as grips and fixtures. Highly skilled engineers provide customers with personalized research and development services and support to make ADMET the most responsive materials testing equipment supplier.

ADMET’s loyal customer base includes leading manufacturers, testing labs, researchers and universities in aerospace, automotive, biomedical, concrete, construction, metals, plastics, textiles and other industries. ADMET’s products are widely distributed in North America, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. ADMET can be reached at 781-769-0850 Ext. 21, sales@admet.com or by visiting https://www.admet.com.

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