Fatigue testing is a vital part of quality control for an extensive bracket of industries. ADMET has worked with a wide range of technology companies, universities, biomedical firms, research laboratories, and material manufacturers to ensure their products can stand the test of time.

Fatigue refers to the physical and mechanical damage that takes place after a material has been subject to cyclic or repeated loading and unloading. For a given force amplitude, when the number of applied cycles reaches a particular threshold, damage will occur to the specimen. At first, microscopic cracks appear.  The cracks then grow as the number of applied cycles increases until the material fractures.

International standards delineate fatigue life as the number of stress cycles that a specimen can endure before failure.  ADMET fatigue testing machines adhere to ASTM and ISO standards and are capable of performing an unlimited number of loading cycles on a material.

Our systems are able to conduct dynamic fatigue tests on biomaterials, composites, metals, textiles, plastics, adhesives, medical devices, implants, and other materials. All ADMET fatigue testing systems come equipped with MTESTQuattro, a PC-based dynamic controller.

Users can program sinewave, sawtooth, squarewave and complex cyclic profiles under force or position/strain control.  Users can also activate the amplitude control function in MTESTQuattro to maintain proper control as the material properties change over the number of applied cycles.

ADMET offers eXpert 3910 Series Single Column Low Force Fatigue Testing Systems and eXpert 3930 Series Dual Column Electrodynamic Fatigue Testing Systems.  eXpert 3910 series machines offer voice-coil actuators that can be utilized for low-force (<50N) static and dynamic compression, tension, and flexure testing into millions of cycles. Testing thin films, elastomers and biomaterials are a common application of this technology.

eXpert 3930 Series Dual Column Tabletop Fatigue Testing Systems offer force ranges from 1.3 kN to 4.3 kN with standard actuator strokes of 50 mm.   The eXpert 3930 systems provide the resolution, accuracy, and precision necessary for determining the fatigue properties of biomaterials and medical devices. Typical uses include performing ASTM F1717 and ISO 14801 fatigue tests on spinal constructs and dental implants, respectively.

ADMET offers a full line of grips and fixtures, environmental chambers and baths, and extensometers to perform a wide range of tests.  ADMET is also willing to tailor a system to meet your testing needs.

In addition, ADMET staff offers on-site installation and training as well as online training and email/phone support throughout the lifetime of a system. Calibration contracts can also be negotiated. For further information on ADMET’s eXpert 3900 Series Fatigue Testing Machines, please call 800-667-3220 or email sales@admet.com.

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