ASTM D2412 is a testing standard used to determine the stiffness and load deflection of plastic pipe. This summary is intended to help you understand the basic procedure and equipment required to complete this test with accuracy. For a complete description of the test, please refer to ASTM D2412.


1. Depending on the type of plastic pipe being tested, cut the specimen to the lengths specified. Be sure to cut the pipe cleanly. Condition the specimens to the temperature detailed in the specification. Prepare and test at least three specimens for each pipe.

2. Measure the length, average diameter, and average wall thickness of the specimen.

3. Load the specimen by centering it on the bottom plate and apply just enough force to keep the sample in place with the upper platen.

4. Begin compressing the specimen at the specified rate.

5. Be aware of line cracking, wall cracking, wall delamination, and break. Record the load and deflection when these events are observed.

6. Stop the test at break, when the load no longer increases with deflection or when the specimen reaches the required maximum deflection.



Calculate pipe stiffness, stiffness factor, and percentage pipe deflection using the formulas provided in the speciation. ADMET testing controllers are capable of automatically performing and reporting these calculations at any given deflection.


MTESTQuattro Test Report for ASTM D2412



1. A universal testing machine (tensile / compression machine) and load cell with a maximum force range and available testing area to satisfy your pipe strength and size.  Normal dual-column systems have 16″ – 22″ between the columns.  Wide versions of all of these machines are available to accommodate large pipe diameters.

eXpert 2611 with Six Inch Square Compression Platens per ASTM D2412

eXpert 2611 – ASTM D2412 Pipe Compression Test

2.testing controller capable of servo control and moving the cross head at the specified rate. ADMET testing controllers satisfy this requirement and can automatically record load and deflection.  MTESTQuattro®, our most advanced testing controller, is a PC-based unit that offers a wide range of flexibility in control, data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. ASTM D2412 test method and calculations are built into the MTESTQuattro testing software.  The eP2 Digital Controller, a standalone touch panel unit, offers a balance between performance and simplicity.


eP2 Digital Controller

MTESTQuattro (Top) eP2 Digital Controller (Bottom)

3. A pair of smooth compression platens capable of applying the required load without bending. The length of the plate should equal or exceed that of the specimen. Plate width should equal or exceed the pipe’s contact area at maximum deflection plus 6 in.

ASTM D2412 on a dual-column eXpert 2600

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