ASTM F1820- Determines the Axial Disassembly Force of a Modular Acetabular Device. Examples are Hip and Shoulder Prothetic Implants. These implants need to be tested in various ways. One way is to analyze the acetabular Liners attachment strength or axial locking strength is when attached to an acetabular Shells. This determines if the liner is matched properly with the designated shell. This test requires an ADMET single or dual column testing system depending on the size of the shell.

ADMET Testing Systems

  • The acetabular shell is fixed to the testing system so the cup opening is facing downward.
  • Liner is placed according to the specification.
  • Axial Tensile Force applied until liner disengages.

*Loadacetabular shell skeleton required to disengage will be recorded.

**Liner can only be tested one time, shell can be reused if there is no damage.

Test Report will show device name, size, materials, and lot number. Also, maximum force required to disengage the liner from the shell from each of the test samples. Sample test report generated by MTESTQuattro servo control data acquisition, analysis, and reporting PC based controller.

MTESTQuattro Test ReportFor full specification details, go to

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