Tapers are used in modular devices, like shoulder and hip prothesis. This method assesses the axial locking forces of these tapers. Full description of ASTM F2009 can be found at www.astm.org. The ADMET eXpert 2600 will perform the Constant Rate Assembly and Disassembly Procedure and provide the appropriate fixtures needed to secure the tapers during testing.

1) Constant Rate Assembly MethodeXpert 2600

-2kN axial load at a suggested rate of 0.05mm/sec.
2) Drop Weight Assembly Method

-907-g drop weight from 254-mm height
3) Disassembly Procedure

-0.05mm/sec until seperation of thetaper.

MTESTQuattro report

The above report was generated using MTESTQuattro Software. MTESTQuattro is a sophisticated, yet easy to use PC based data acquisition, servo-control, analysis, and reporting program.

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