ASTM F2258 describes the testing procedure to obtain data to compare adhesive strengths of tissue adhesives intended for use as surgical adhesives or sealants, or both on soft tissue.

Preparing the Test Substrate is a critical part of this specification.

Test at least 10 specimens of each type. Discard results if failure occurs between the test fixture and the tissue sample. Continue testing samples until 10 valid tests are performed.eXpert 7600

Both the tissue and the adhesive must be prepared following a specific method.

Condition specimens for 1 hour +-15 min.

Internal applications 37+-C in phosphate buffered saline.

External applications 30+-C and 50%+-5% relative humidity.

Load the samples after temperature and humidity are stabilized. Load the specimen to failure at a rate of 2mm/min.

ADMET’s UTMeXpert 7600 single column or the eXpert 2611 Dual column -will perform this specification. Grip tabs for the Tissue will be secured in stainless steel vise grips-manual or pneumatic, and pulled to break or separation.

Temperature controlled bath is available as an option.

MTESTQuattro servo control systems will record Max load at failure and print a report with time and date stamp of each test, statistical summary, multi plot, and more.

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