These tests allow the user to compare the mechanical properties of artificial discs intended for different locations (Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar). This is a summary of the specification ASTM F2346, please read the full specification for details.

The Static testing simulates a motion segment by measuring the gap between two stainless steel blocks. (min yield 1170MPa)

The Fatigue testing simulates motion segment by measuring the gap between two polyacetal blocks. (min tensile strength 61MPa)

Users decide which tests to perform within the specification.eXpert 2600 series

The ADMET eXpert 2600 can be equipped with a fixture to secure the test blocks and the push rod to perform the axial tests. In addition, a second actuator can be installed to perform the torsion test, if desired. All systems can be equipped with baths and coated grips to accommodate the in vitro testing requirements. MTESTQuattro PC Based Control System will allow you to set up these testing profiles, view live xy plots, analyze, report, and organize your data files.

ADMET will supply Axial Compression Fixture, Compression Shear Testing Fixture, and Torsion Test Fixture. Customer to supply Polyacetal and Stainless Steel Blocks.

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