This post will help guide you through climbing drum peel fixture setup and operation on your universal testing machine.

For further information and the datasheet, click here.

1. Installing the Fixture

1.1. Attach optional loading fixture to the base with 4 screws.
Note: Loading fixture shown is for eXpert 2600 series machines. It is an optional useability tool.
1.2. With L-bracket in the loading position, rest drum on L-bracket.
1.3. Place female eye end of fixture onto base male eye end.
1.4. Align pin holes of male and female eye ends, insert pin.
1.5. Using a spanner wrench, tighten locking nut against fixture to eliminate axial play (wobbling) between
platen and eye end.
1.6. Repeat steps 1.3 through 1.5 to install roller grip on actuated eye end.

Climbing Drum Peel Fixture
2. Fixture Usage

2.1. Attach one end of substrate to the roller grip.
2.2. Jog cross head to a position where the bottom end of the substrate can be easily attached to the drum
2.3. Ensure sample is centered and loading straps are aligned in their tracks.
2.4. Feed substrate through grip faces. Hand tighten both screws before fully tightening to avoid slipping
during testing.
2.5. Lower the L-bracket so drum is no longer supported.
2.6. Zero the force channel .
2.7. Mount lower grip fixture.
2.8. Adjust crosshead to remove slack from fixture, applying a load equal to the resisting torque.
2.9. Zero the position channel.
2.10. Fixture is ready for testing.