Biaxial friction testing system

The eXpert 7600 Biaxial Friction Tester is designed to measure static and kinetic friction coefficients of various materials, surface coatings and additives easily and precisely. Subject test samples to multiple wear cycles and measure how friction coefficients change with the number of cycles. Run tests according to pre-programmed methods from major organizations (ASTM, ISO, TLMI, PSTC) or create your own custom tests. This system is designed for accuracy, so you can trust the results with confidence.

The Biaxial Friction Tester employs ADMET’s sturdy eXpert 7600 Single Column Universal Testing Machine. Incorporated into the eXpert 7600 moving crosshead is an additional pinching actuator which applies a normal force perpendicular to the direction of movement. The pinching actuator is equipped with a load cell for accurate measurement of the normal force and fixturing that enables users to easily change the types of surface materials that apply the normal forces. As an option, ADMET also offers a heated fluid bath to simulate conditions in situ.

The biaxial test system is supplied with ADMET’s advanced MTESTQuattro controller and software for precise operation. Users program the surface speed and applied normal force. The MTESTQuattro software calculates the coefficient of friction values at each logged data point within the desired window. User-defined test procedures can be programmed and recalled easily via the connected PC.

Friction and Lubricity testing on a medical device
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