money treeIs the thought of test equipment being too expensive or too hard to operate, holding you back from offering this service to your customers? 

When asked, will you perform the mechanical property testing of a prototype or finished product, do you refer to a 3rd party test lab? You could be generating revenue by offering testing. Many times a simple tensile test, compression test, or torsion test is all that is needed.

How to set up your business to get ready for testing.

  • Buy a Testing System at a reasonable cost, that is low maintenance, that is easy to use, and that you can use for a variety of testing applications.
  • Work with a manufacturer that is willing to tailor the system to meet your varied testing needs.
  • Determine what type of testing your customers will appreciate most.
  • Learn about common ASTM/ISO standards to help guide your test profile set up.

Using the ADMET Test System and MTESTQuattro controller, this is how easy it is to set up a test;

  • In MTESTQuattro, you use the servo control tab to set up your testing profile.
  • You can set up a ramp, saw tooth, or sinusoid profile. 1 cycle or 1 million cycles follow the same easy to distinguish fill in menu set up. Start up training is free.

screen shot profile set up resized 600

Types of tests commonly performed on our single or dual column systems using MTESTQuattro or MTESTQuattro Torsion or MTESTQuattro Biaxial.

  • Static-Pull, Compress, or Twist to Break -failure test.
  • Static-Pull, Compress, or Twist to an end limit of load or position.
  • Fatigue-Pull, Compress, or Twist in motion for a predetermined number of cycles unless failure occurs.

What would you like to do with the data after the test?

Customers will want to see a test report. The ADMET report contains; descriptive information about the sample, the test profile, your own comments pre or post test, an xy plot. You can choose a wide range of common analyses that will be auto-calculated post test in MTESTQuattro products. (Load/Extension/Position Analyses–Maximum/Minimum Analyses–Yield Analyses–Modulus/Strain Ratio Analyses–Elongation Analyses–Specification Analyses.)test

What about Graphing?

  • ADMET offers simple graphing solutions;
  • Plot Load, Position, Stress, or Time for uniaxial tests
  • Plot Torque, Angle or Time for torsion tests
  • Plot Load(1 or 2), Position(1 or 2), Torque(if relevant), Angle(if relevant), Stress, Time for biaxial
  • Color Multi Plot group of test samples or variety of sample test data.
  • Cursor to highlight specific points, rescale, and highlight specific areas of test data.
  • Output in .jpg, bitmap,.csv, and other formats.

What about statistics?statistical summary

Statistical Summary automatically generated from test data gathered in a test results file.

What more? ADMET configures testing systems to meet the varied demands of contract manufacturers testing needs. Our systems are used for very simple and very sophisticated testing applications. Our MTESTQuattro controller is versatile and will perform sophisticated profiles requiring extensometers, off-center loading, and fatigue set up. This can be accomplished on the ADMET Test Systems without having to purchase additional software modules. All of our testing systems and controllers are manufactured in the USA.

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