ADMET recently designed and built a pair of peel testing systems for two customers who each needed a customized system that would perform peel tests on medical device trays with widths that would pose a problem for standard test frames.

One system featured a force capacity of 1,000 lbs:

Customized peel testing system

The other system had a force capacity of 225 lbs:

Custom peel testing system for packaging testingCloseup for packaging peel test

Efficiently streamline your testing processes with our custom peel testing systems. Designed to handle tests on medical device trays and peel tests on medical device pouches according to ASTM F88, these systems outshine conventional test solutions. While ASTM F88 is typically conducted on Single Column Universal Testing Systems, our customized solution breaks the mold by offering the flexibility to test both ASTM F88 and medical device trays without width limitations. This keeps costs down while optimizing lab space.

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