ADMET recently designed a customized shear fixture for shearing thermal spray coatings off of a substrate. The fixture particularly focuses on shearing a very small coating area.
The substrate is clamped inside of the shear fixture from the back side, and a replaceable carbide shear insert is mounted on the front side. The insert holder is mounted on a digital micrometer head to achieve precise shear insert positioning down to 0.0005″ off of the substrate. 
A convenient viewport on the front of the fixture allows for easy integration of a USB microscope to record and measure failure modes/fractures.
This customized shear fixture is engineered-to-order and can be designed to accommodate your unique shear testing requirements. Contact us to learn more.
Customized shear fixture for thermal coatings on an eXpert 5601 test frame

Custom shear fixture mounted on an eXpert 5601

Custom shear fixture with backplate removed

Custom shear fixture for thermal coatings with backplate removed

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