Dental materials ranging from composite resin fillings, to porcelain to metal crowns and bridges, to alginate impression material, to dental adhesives for bonding and restorative dentistry are all tested for their mechanical property strengths. ISO 6872, ISO11405, ISO14801, ISO 9917, and other standards specify the requirements and the corresponding test methods to access dental materials.

When testing dental materials we are looking for the following mechanical properties;

To perform this testing you will need a Universal Testing System or a Linear Torsion (Biaxial) Testing System and depending on the information you are looking to obtain. One solution is an eXpert 2610S and a variety of grips and fixtures to perform the mechanical property testing.

biaxial testing machine
eXpert 2610B ST (short-travel biaxial)

compression platens tensile test fixtures
Compression platens (left) Tensile strength grips (right)


shear test grip puncture fixture

Shear flexural fixture (left) Puncture fixture (right)


Another solution is an eXpert 5601 Horizontal Testing System equipped with a bath and grips for testing resin composites and adhesives.

in bath tensile test

Resin composites are widely used in dentistry and have become one of the most commonly used esthetic restorative materials because of their adequate strength,excellent esthetics, moderate cost compared with ceramics, ability to be bonded to tooth structure, improvements in composition, simplification of the adhesive procedures and the decline in amalgam usage due to fear of mercury toxicity represent additional advantages.

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