The biomedical industry can rest assured that the biomaterials, bone screws, implants, and other medical devices developed within their field are tested rigorously and undergo the necessary quality control processes.

With the help of ADMET’s eXpert 8900 Series Axial-Torsion Testing Machines, the medical field can now test their products under static and dynamic fatigue based axial-torsion loading regimes. Typical uses include testing bone screws, external skeletal fixation devices, spinal implants and luer locks according to ASTM and ISO standards.  In addition, there is a great need for testing the strength and durability of biomaterials in a wide number of applications ranging from wound management, to materials for the stabilization and treatment of bone fractures, to developing biomaterials that mimic nature.  Each of these tests require uniaxial forces only, torsion only or a combination of axial-torsion load profiles.

The ADMET eXpert 8900 Series Axial-Torsion Fatigue Testing Machines feature wide column spacings and large test openings to accommodate a wide range of sample sizes and fixtures.  These machines feature fast acting brushless servo motors controlled by ADMET’s MTESTQuattro Materials Testing System for precise repeatable control.  The eXpert 8900 Series testers are ruggedly built electromechanical machines designed for low maintenance oil free clean operation over long periods of time.  ADMET also offers a full line of grips, fixtures and heated fluid baths to accommodate all of your testing requirements.

By purchasing a testing system from ADMET, you will also receive a system that is easy to use, exceeds ASTM and ISO accuracy standards and is the best value in the industry when comparing price and performance.  In addition, you will find that we will be responsive to your support needs and are always capable of modifying a system to meet your needs. To learn more about the eXpert 8900 Series, contact our biomedical sector at (781)769-0850.

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