Gas Technology Institute (GTI), is a leading research, development and training organization serving energy markets by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry and government. In addition to its research and development work, the organization offers a one-source solution for testing, engineering and remediation services. Its labs perform hundreds of standard and customized tests in analytical chemistry, civil & geotechnical engineering, fracture analysis, mechanical engineering, microbial corrosion, coatings, soil testing and other areas.

The lab, managed by Brian Spillar, faced the challenge of conducting a range of tests to gather and report the results. The lab used a 60,000 lb. Tinius Olsen tensile testing frame. The 15 year old frame worked well but the non OEM computerized system that had been retrofitted to the machine to control the tests and report results was unnecessarily complicated to the point that it was not practical for GTI’s engineers to use. Spillar wanted to replace the test system for two reasons: first, to improve the testing process and; second, to help the lab qualify for accreditation by The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

GTI selected ADMET’s MTESTQuattro testing system which it found to be a cost effective and, an efficient product to use. Also, unlike other systems, MTESTQuattro includes all of the tests in the core software. Other companies bundle test procedures and sell them separately.

“When ADMET’s field engineer came in to conduct a demo, we saw that MTESTQuattro did everything that we needed and would make life easier for our technicians. We don’t make decisions just on cost but on value. ADMET won on both counts. MTESTQuattro is simple to operate and we are able to very quickly set up more complex tests. It has also increased the throughput on routine tests, allowing us to test more pieces in a shorter time period,” concluded Spillar.

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