This post will help guide you through manual vise grip setup and operation on your universal testing machine.

More information on our vise grip offerings can be found here.

1. Installing the Vise Grips

  • 1.1. Slide female eye end of grip onto upper male eye end. Align pin holes.
  • 1.2. Insert mounting pin through holes to hold in place.
  • 1.3. Use a spanner wrench to tighten locking nut against vise grip. This eliminates axial play (wobbling).
  • 1.4. Repeat steps 1.1. – 1.3. to attach the lower grip.

Vise Grip Setup

Vise Grip Setup2. Grip Usage

  • 2.1. Secure sample in upper grip, turn clamp handle to apply force.
  • 2.2. Ensure that sample is oriented vertically, such that all load is applied along axis of tension. Any misalignment will cause bending forces or torque in sample, skewing data.
  • 2.3. Zero (tare) load channel on indicator/controller, negating sample weight.
  • 2.4. Lower crosshead to bring sample between lower grip faces. Tighten lower grip to secure sample for testing.

3. Replacing Grip Faces

  • 3.1. Remove three set screws on top of each face using a 2mm metric hex key.
  • 3.2. Retract both clamping screws and remove grip faces.
  • 3.3. Apply Loctite to set screws.
  • 3.4. Insert new grip faces, slide outer two support pins into respective holes. Insert flat-point set screws into outer holes, tighten to secure support pins. Repeat for opposite face.
  • 3.5. Extend clamping screws until grip faces are centered and touching each other.
  • 3.6. Install pointed-end set screw in center hole to engage clamping screw. Insert set screw until contact is made, then back it off slightly to allow the clamping screw to turn freely. The grip face should not be able to move freely without turning the clamping screw. Repeat for opposite face.


4. Maintenance

  • 4.1. Clean grips after use. Wipe away sample fragments or residue.
  • 4.2. Lubricate clamping screws if needed.
  • 4.3. If grip faces become worn or damaged, contact ADMET for a replacement set.

5. Datasheets

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