Habasit, a Switzerland-based company headquartered in Atlanta, GA manufactures a number of standard and custom conveyor and flat power transmission belts using multi-layer composites. Its products are used in power transmission and conveyance in a wide range of industrial applications ranging from automotive and tire to paper and textile manufacturing.

The company conducts a series of quality tests, as required, during the production process, including strength and elasticity tests of the belt composite, as well as ruptures strength and peel tests for measuring adhesion of the substrate materials, cleats and tracking profiles.

Habasit had been using a Zwick universal testing machine (UTM) with digital controls. Ultimately, the digital controls failed and could not be repaired due to the age of the machine. Explained Bart Natoli, Habasit Chief Engineer and Technical Manager, “We had a perfectly good frame that was useless to us because of the controls.”

Natoli’s first instinct was to have the machine retrofitted. However, he discovered that, for a small price premium over the cost of an ADMET retrofit, and for considerably less than a retrofit from any other vendor, an entirely new ADMET system could be purchased.

Natoli selected an ADMET eXpert 2611 dual column tabletop electromechanical 10kN testing machine. The machine is equipped with an ADMET eP2 Digital Controller a standalone touch panel controller that offers a balance between performance and simplicity.

The eXpert machine fit Habasit’s needs. “The controller does the job that we need. It’s a bit more flexible than a lot of what we’ve seen and requires less training. It performs the same functions as more expensive, more complex machines. Quite frankly, the value that ADMET offered in its product was incredible compared to what its competition was offering. It actually has more capabilities than much more expensive machines at our other locations.”

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