Follow these easy steps to set up a torsion test in MTESTQuattro.


  1. Define Specimen.torsion test 1
  2. Set up Report Tab. Enter Labels and Values, and text that describe your test and your specimens. Also, check off Include Plot when reporting results and Use color for Multiplot Traces if you prefer.torsion test 2
  3. Set up Acquisition Tabtorsion test 3
  4. Choose from a list of built in analysis by highlighting and double clicking to selecttorsion test 5

5. Select Channels for X and Y axis for Plot. (Torque, Angle, and Time) Choose autoscale or user scale.

torsion test 4

6. Select calibration channel. Make sure the torque cell you are using have CW and CCW Calibrations. For assistance, call 1-800-667-3220

torsion test 6
7. Set up Servo Control. General Tab allow for preload, home and jog rates,end of test, and rate units

torsion test 7
8. Set up Servo Control Profile tab. These are the instructions. Enter single or muti segmented profiles. Control – Angle or Torque, Limit- Angle, Torque, or Time.

torsion test 8

Now you have set up a simple Torsion Test.

Name and Save it.

save menu save menu 2


  1. Double Click on procedure name in Workspace
  2. Load sample. Before final tighten, zero torque, angle, or both
control panel control menu 2

3. Press Quick Start Menu

quick start quick start 2
4. Update values on Quick Start Panel

5. Tighten sample
6. Press green arrow to start the test
control panel
Post Test Report. Automatically generated from instructions on Report set up and XY Plot tabs.

torsion test 9
Statistical Summary and Multi Plot from Results file. (named in Acquistion Tab, Color Multi Plot chosen on Report set up Tab)

torsion test 10

torsion test 11

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