Follow these steps to set up data acquisition in MTESTQuattro:

data aquisition 1

Sampling Options include:

1)      Defining the Logging Threshold

data aquisition 2

a) The user can set up the Logging Threshold based on load or position.

b) The Threshold value is the point at which you would like to start logging data.

c) If you want to start back at zero after reaching the Threshold Value, then check off the zero displacements at Threshold box. This is the case for Load or Position and Axial / Tranverse Strain channels (when active).

2)      Logging Cutoff

data aquisition 3

a) When you choose Stop at End of Profile– the system will stop logging data when the profile ends or the test is stopped by using the control panel

b) When you choose Stop at Sample Break– data recording continues until the Load channel reading falls below a specified percent of the peak load.

Sample Break Criteria

1)      Break Threshold (lb or n): to establish a load that must be reached before testing for sample break begins

2)      Drop Interval (%of Peak): the percent of peak defining the break condition. The load must drop by this value for three successive sampling intervals to stop recording data.

3. The data buffer holds 140,000 data points per test data file. If you are running a fatigue test or long term test. We have many options for overwriting data, sending data to remote file, or various sampling options. Call 1-800-667-3220 to discuss which option will work best for you.

data aquisition 4

4. Freeze Strain Channels at Yield is for tests using extensometers.

5. Save Options- Both raw test data and the calculated results based on the raw data may be saved once a test completes.

data aquisition

The user can choose to save data several ways.

Choose one of these options for saving data.

1.Select Autosave Test Data and/or Autoadd Analysis Calculations to Test Results to configure automatic saves.

2.Select Ask Before AutoSaving Data/Results to force a popup requesting verification for any save operation.

Choose one of these options for determining data file name.

A. When Specimen Id is selected, the identifier configured in the Report Setup tab is used as the resource name.

B. When User Prefix is selected, the text entered for Prefix is used as the resource name. In either case, a time/date value is appended to the name when the data are autosaved.

Choose one of these options for a Test Results Name. The date and time will automatically be attached to either of these options for every test data file prefix name.

A. Selecting Use Test Data Prefix defaults to the Specimen Name defined on Specimen Tab for the data file prefix.

B. Selecting Use Entered Name allows the user to enter any text string to use as the prefix for the data file.

5. Autoadd Analysis Calculations to Test Results displays results of selected analysis (Chosen on Analysis Tab) on the post-test report and results file statistical summary.

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