Testing foam has never been easier with ADMET’s line of Foam Testing Systems.  We have specifically engineered testing solutions to meet the most popular foam testing standards, ASTM D3574 and ISO 2439.

We have a range of machine configurations available to ensure that you get the machine best suited for your testing application. Below you’ll find a helpful chart that outlines the foam testing solutions we offer and information on two of our models.  If you need a machine to test the mechanical properties of foam, give ADMET a call!

Foam System Chart
eXpert 5630F Foam Tester

eXpert 5630F for Foam Compression and Tensile Testing

The eXpert 5630F testing system has been designed to meet the common testing needs of the foam industry.  This system performs both compression and tensile tests.  That means you can perform IFD compression test as well as the tensile & elongation and tear tests on the same equipment.  This machine meets the specifications described in ASTM D3574 and ISO 2439.  Click here to learn more.

eXpert 5952 Foam Tester

eXpert 5952 for Foam Fatigue Testing

The eXpert 5952 series of testing machines are designed to perform static and fatigue tensile and compression tests quickly and into the millions of cycles.  The 5952F model is a specially configured version for the foam industry that  performs all the same tests as the 5630F in addition to the Contact Force Pounding foam fatigue test.  The 5952 series systems perform long term cyclic testing between load and displacement end points.  Click here to learn more.

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