IMR Metallurgical Services is an A2LA / ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, independent laboratory specializing in metallurgical failure analysis and materials characterization. Explained David Mohr, Senior Metallurgist, “We provide a lot of support to the power generation and transmission, chemical, and automotive industries, but we get into whatever a client needs, from testing titanium hip implants to failed helicopter shafts.”

The testing needs of quality assurance, R&D, and failure analysis demand accuracy, efficiency, and repeatability. Although the lab continues to use a 60,000 lb manually-controlled machine for some applications, Mohr, who has worked with several new and retrofitted tensile testing machines over the years, was familiar with the benefits of computer-controlled universal test machines. He acknowledged the need for precise test control, repeatability, and data acquisition. Consequently, IMR purchased a used 30,000 lb Instron universal testing machine that had been retrofitted with ADMET’s MTESTQuattro Materials Testing System.

With MTESTQuattro, Mohr was able to pre-program several test routines for the operator. He explained, “There are probably six test routines that do 95 percent of everything, but we have about 20 tests programmed.”

“Although we purchased the retrofit through a machine builder, ADMET has never hesitated to support us,” commented Mohr. “ADMET’s done an admirable job responding to our needs.”

“Every year, our business grows and we are able to invest in new and better equipment.” Last year IMR invested in ADMET’s MTESTQuattro retrofit. It is an investment that will pay substantial dividends for years.”

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