ISO 594/1 describes dimensions, testing profile, and parameters for testing conical fittings with a 6% (luer) taper for hypodermic syringes, needles, and certain other medical equipment, such as transfusion and infusion sets. This standard covers rigid and semi-rigid materials for gauging and performance.

expert 2610 biaxial

Several mechanical tests in section 5, figures 4+5 require torque testing. The ADMET eXpert 3601 can be configured with Low force lb/Nm biaxial capacity for this specification. The ADMET eXpert 1Nm/50N Biaxial Testing system will control both the axial load and the torsional force needed to comply with the requirements of ISO 594-1 and 594-2. Either of these systems would use MTESTQuattro, a servo control, PC based, data acquisition, analysis, and reporting program.

Section 5.2

  • First, according to figures 4 + 5, connect fitting to steel male or female reference fitting.
  • Assemble components by applying an constant axial force for a designated time while applying a torsional force < or = 0.1Nm (.88 lb-in) and < or = to 90 degrees.
  • Introduce water
  • Expel Air
  • Check to determine if outside of fitting is dry
  • Seal the outlet – raise internal pressure.
  • Maintain pressure for designated time.

**Highlights on the Torsion Requirements for Section and 5.5.1.

* Apply low axial force for designated time simultaneously applying 0.1Nm to an end limit of 90 degrees. Full description of ISO 594/1-1986 is necessary to complete this test.

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