Whether you are in medical device production or R&D testing, mechanical property testing is a critical step in ensuring the quality of your product. Unfortunately, the testing process can be expensive and time consuming. Some companies hire specialized engineers to maintain large and expensive pieces of testing equipment, others decide to outsource their testing needs to laboratories that may or may not understand the needs of your customers.  At ADMET, we decided to make mechanical testing easy and affordable.

Measuring just 12 x 16 inches and weighing less than 45 pounds, the eXpert 7600 single column testing machines will fit comfortably in any setting.  Despite its compact frame, the eXpert 7600 can satisfy capacities up 5kN, making it ideal for a wide range of testing applications. As always, ADMET will customize any system to fit specialized load and speed requirements.

Like all of our machines, the 7600 series can be controlled with MTESTQuattro, a PC-based controller, or the eP2, a standalone touch panel unit. Although both controllers satisfy different levels of sophistication in data analysis and reporting, both systems are easy to use and backed by a lifetime of free customer support.

Some refer to it a mini tester, others call it a workhorse. 

single column UTM

Below is a listing of ADMET customer’s medical test types performed on the eXpert 7600 series.

  • Pull bone anchors.
  • Compress spinal assemblies.
  • Pull sutures.
  • Compress composite and metal disc implant.
  • Bend bone or fixation plates.
  • Pull connectors apart.
  • Compress needle assemblies.
  • Bend surgical instruments.
  • Pull packaging materials.
  • Pull and/or Compress devices with triggers.
  • Actuate delivery/syringe assemblies.
  • Pull catheter tubing and suture materials.
  • Pull PP, PE, PET, PCL, PGA, BOP films.
  • Pull and/or Compress rubber rings.
  • Compress foams.

ADMET has a wide range of Grips, Fixtures, and Accessories and Universal Testing Systems. Visit www.ADMET.com to download a catalog.

bollard vise grip  T-Peel test   3 point bend  manual vise gripWedge grip   compression platen 90 degree peel fixture

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