ADMET serves a plethora of sectors that have demanding material testing requirements. Our systems have been deployed all over the globe to satisfy standards requirements, research needs and new product launches.  Over the last 5 years we have encountered several key problems specific to the Metal & Machinery sector. We thought it would be helpful to highlight some of those problems and the solutions being deployed in one easy to read report. We cover the big picture spotlighting some of the macro trends within Metals & Machinery including observations by the top four companies by sales; Caterpillar, GE Energy, Deere & Company and Alcoa. We also highlight some specific case studies that demonstrate the material testing challenges that companies face and the results that are possible by investing in the best technology. Finally we showcase some specific ADMET material testing configured systems designed for this sector.

Metals Sector ReviewMajor Trends — Some Highlights

The report reviews several major trends including the challenge facing metal fabricators in improving their efficiency. We review the volatility of US manufacturing including the PMI index.

We also discuss the difference between effectiveness and efficiency and the specific action taken by some players.

Renewable energy and environmental concerns are examined and discussed in the context of investments by GE and other bigger players.

Staying with the environmental theme, we review the types of testing machines metals fabricators have acquired from ADMET in the recent past from the eXpert 7600 Series universal testing system to the eXpert 2600 Series dual column universal testing machine.

We discuss the ADMET customer, Deere & Company who have been devoted to achieving sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The organization has been included on Ethisphere Institute’s “World’s Most Ethical Companies” List for the seventh year in a row. Samuel R. Allen, chief executive officer and chairman of Deere & Company, stated in a press release that integrity, quality, and innovation are vital to his company, all of which has led to customer loyalty.

We then review the lack of communication between those who develop metal alloys and the manufacturing sectors that acquire these materials. We examine the consequences of this inefficiency and the impact on materials testing.

Finally we look at electricity usage and the impact of demand doubling over the next 20 years. We review rising energy costs and the various impacts this can have on material testing.

Case Studies

Sectors-MetalsThe report then focuses on specific ADMET solutions by discussing three fundamental case studies that illustrate the potential solutions of material testing. The companies BarronCast Inc, Gas Technology Institute, and Atlas Bolt & Screw worked with ADMET to determine which configured systems would meet their needs. Some of the testing machines and accessories purchased by these companies include the eXpert 1000 servo hydraulic dual-column testing machine, the MTESTQuattro PC-based controller, and the eXpert 2613 dual-column universal testing system.

Configured Systems

The report then ends with a summary of specific systems configured for the needs of the sector with detailed illustrations, applications and specifications.

If you would like to access our report, please download the report here. If you wish to learn more about the testing solutions for the Metals & Machinery Sector ADMET, please contact Bill Henderson, our Account Director for the Metal and Machinery Sector, at (781) 769-0850 x36.

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