MTESTQuattro, ADMET’s advanced material testing system consisting of a PC-based application program and an easy-to-install external interface box, is used to perform accurate and repeatable tests including tension, compression, creep, fatigue, friction, flexure, relaxation, peel, shear and tear tests according to ASTM and ISO standards.

ADMET’s in-house software team works continuously to develop the features of MTESTQuattro while making sure it is up to date with the most recent advancements available. This blog post covers the computer requirements for running MTESTQuattro software as well as upgrade options that allow the use of MTESTQuattro with the latest operating systems.

New Customers

ADMET’s PC-based MTESTQuattro controller comes with the software installation CD, controller box and a USB 2.0 cable. Customers may choose to order a computer directly from ADMET, use an existing computer, or select and purchase a new computer.

Minimum recommended specifications:

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 Operating System- 64 bit only
  • 500 GB – 7200 RPM Hard Drive
  • Intel Core i5 3 GHz, Quad (4) Core Processor
  • 8 GB – DDR3 Memory

Computer must have a USB 2.0 port for operation.

Existing Customers

Upgrading from MTESTWindows

ADMET’s MTESTWindows material testing system was replaced by MTESTQuattro on 2008, featuring advances in computerized test control, capture, and reporting technology. We understand that our customers may still be using MTESTWindows and offer upgrade options to replace the system with MTESTQuattro. Please have the serial number of MTESTWindows available and contact ADMET for further information.

Note that when upgrading from MTESTWindows, it is essential to first make an external backup of the MTESTW program folder.

Upgrading computer operating system

For existing customers looking to upgrade the operating system of the computer running MTESTQuattro, depending on the version of the MTESTQuattro installed, a software upgrade may not be necessary.

Any version of MTESTQuattro will run on Windows 10. However, version 5.03.01 is the first version that comes prepackaged with Windows 10 drivers. All versions before version 5.03.01 require downloading and installing the necessary drivers. The steps to download the drivers manually can be found here.

Additionally, versions before version 4.00.00 also require compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) enabled.

Upgrading MTESTQuattro version:

A version upgrade is not necessarily recommended unless an error is present or an analysis is missing from the current version. However, there are some benefits of upgrading the software. Newer versions of MTESTQuattro are 64bit, have better support for Windows 10 drivers, and support larger sets of test data. To learn more about the potential benefits of an MTESTQuattro version upgrade, contact ADMET for more information.

Upgrading from versions prior to 3.08.01

Although files generated prior to version 3.08.01 will not be accessible on releases 3.08.01 or later, old files can be accessed through the old version of MTESTQuattro if saved on the computer. In addition, ADMET may provide a new quattro.ini file for the upgrade.

Upgrading from versions between 3.08.01 and 3.12.03

Current settings as well as the name of all workspaces should be noted and the Resources folder should be backed up prior to the upgrade.

Upgrading from versions later than 3.12.08

Customers will need to follow the standard installation procedure in the user manual. During installation, the system will ask to import existing settings from the previous installation. If upgrading from 3.12.08 or later, accept this option to automatically import the existing settings.

Most versions after 4.00.00 should have no issues running on Windows 10 operating systems. Test setting and program setups will not be affected.

Note: Once the installation is complete, the firmware will need to be upgraded to match the new version.

How to get the software

The new software can be shipped to you as a CD or sent on an email as a downloadable link (zip file).

ADMET may need to remote into the computer running MTESTQuattro to do the following:

  • Upgrade Software
  • Upgrade Firmware
  • Assist in transferring settings from old version to new version
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