MTESTQuattro features many built-in analyses to save you time and get right to testing. We’re constantly adding new analyses and we’re happy to work with you to develop a test procedure for your unique sample.

To access the Analysis tab in MTESTQuattro, first switch the active screen from the real-time plot to the test procedure window. The Analysis tab is the fourth tab in this window. It looks like this:

MTESTQuattro's Analysis tab

MTESTQuattro’s Analysis tab

Every part of this screen has a specific function. Learn more below.

  • Available Analyses
    • View a categorized list of all currently available mechanical analyses for MTESTQuattro. Suites are organized by type. The specifications suite contains analyses organized by ASTM / ISO test specification. To make an analysis active for the current test procedure, highlight the tag and click the “Select” button to move it to the Selected Analyses window.
  • Selected Analyses
    • View a list of all the currently selected analyses. These analyses will be performed at the completion of each test. Use the “Remove” button to deactivate the analysis for the current test procedure. When viewing saved test data analyses can be added or removed for the current test run as would be done on a test procedure. Once the desired analyses are selected click the Recalculate Results icon on the toolbar. The test data file will need to be saved to preserve the changes.
  • Test Parameters
    • Additional parameters may be needed for particular mechanical analysis. Where prompted, enter the required test parameters.
  • Elastic Slope
    • There are 4 methods available for calculating the slope of the elastic region:
      • Automatic: Select Automatic to allow MTESTQuattro to determine the slope using internal curve scanning methods.
      • Pick Points: Select the points defining the slope when the test completes but before the analysis calculations are performed.
      • Specify Stress Points: Select specific stress points to be used, the corresponding strain values will then be recovered and used.
      • Specify Strain Points: Select specific strain points to be used, the corresponding stress values will then be recovered and used.

This represents only a small glimpse of what analyses are available with MTESTQuattro. If you don’t see your analysis or would like to discuss creating an analysis from scratch, contact us and speak with one of our engineers! We’re ready to assist you!

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