We’ve taken great care to make our MTESTQuattro software as easy to use as possible. This post will provide a quick run down of the main MTESTQuattro interface screen.

The Main View of MTESTQuattro looks like this:

MTESTQuattro Main View

MTESTQuattro Main View

In the drop down menus, find options for the following:

  • File
    • Create and save documents as well as import and export data into and out of MTESTQuattro.
  • Edit
    • Undo last action or redo undone action.
  • Utilities
    • Calibration: Enter the calibration menu. Calibrations detailed in the appendix.
    • Check Equipment: Change which inputs and outputs are active , view current A/D counts, and send a manual voltage to the motor.
    • View Performance Statistics: View software performance breakdown.
    • Upload Firmware: How to guide for Firmware Update can be found in the Appendix.
    • Change Password: Set the calibration password for the software.
    • User Permissions: Setup Users and their access level. Usernames must coincide with Windows.
    • System Setup: Settings specific to your system, this is detailed in the next section.
  • Window
    • Change the displayed information and formatting. Options include gains view, quick start view, reset view, raw data view etc. Each is detailed in the Control Panel Section.
  • Help
    • Display software and firmware version information and access the Help File. The Help file
      provides detailed information on the numerous MTESTQuattro features in an indexed,
      searchable file.

The other sections of the interface are described below:

  • Toolbar
    • The toolbar has shortcuts to create a new procedure, save, recalculate results, view multiplot, and view data/results. There is also a shortcut to Calibration and to restore to current default view.
  • Active Screens
    • Tab between the real-time plot, current test procedure, calibration menu, data, and results.
  • Global Settings
    • Set jog / home rates and max allowable force for jog and home movement.
  • Information Display
    • View live numeric transducer data or the system message log. Highlighted transducer information will be displayed in large field at the bottom of the window.
  • Work Space
    • Load test procedures, test results and transducer calibration files. Right click to change the workspace. Use workspaces to organize test data according to customers, material type, test type, etc. Workspaces are created in the directory selected during creation. The workspace will appear as a single folder in Windows Explorer and not the file structure seen in the MTESTQuattro. The default workspace is in the resources folder in the install directory.
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