Multi-Plastics Inc. (MPI) is a leading, full-service injection molder of precision plastic components and assemblies, primarily serving the electronics, consumer and medical industries. MPI specializes in complex projects and offers services ranging from product design and mold prototyping to turnkey manufacturing solutions. Combining state-of-the-art technology with superior service and quality, MPI has established itself as a premier provider of injection molded products. The company ensures its quality using an advanced quality laboratory for both product development and manufacturing testing.

MPI relied on a 30-year-old Monsanto analog test frame that was failing. Gary Smith, Quality Director, explained, “The mechanics were still fine on the machine, we just couldn’t get it to do anything. There aren’t any replacement parts any more.”

Smith considered both retrofitting his existing machine and purchasing a new one. He researched suppliers on the Web and spoke with a few but ultimately decided on ADMET which retrofits machines with updated digital controls and state of- the-art servos, and also builds new testing systems.

An ADMET engineer visited the lab and determined that it was not cost effective to retrofit the Monsanto machine. “He wanted to see our entire operation so he could recommend the right solution,” explained Smith.

The engineer recommended an ADMET eXpert 5603 4.5kN tabletop machine equipped with an eP2 Digital Controller – an inexpensive, simple-to-operate closed loop servo controller. “We like ADMET’s approach. The fact that they build their machines in the U.S. was a big selling point – the owners like to buy things that are made here,” said Smith.

“ADMET worked very well with us. They answered all the questions. The machine got here quicker than they thought and it has performed well since it was installed,” concluded Smith.

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