Many different types of testing profiles can be used to test a syringe. There are ASTM and ISO standards, for example, ISO7864 and ISO9626, ISO7886, ISO8537 as well as individual company specified testing profiles. You may want to discover how much force it takes the press the plunger with and without liquid, or you may want to determine how easy or difficult the luer lock is to remove or to connect, or you may want to examine the pressure of the liquid when forced out of the syringe at a high speed, and more. In this example, we filled a syringe with a needle hub attached by luer lock with water. We compressed the plunger through its 1.75 inches of travel. We were interested in measuring the average force required to push the fluid through syringe. To obtain an accurate load average measurement, we needed to ignore the “noise” at the beginning and end of the stroke. We programmed our machine to average the load between 0.5 – 1.5 inches of displacement. This syringe test was performed on an ADMET eXpert 7601, Single Column, 1kN testing system equipped with an eP Digital Controller and a syringe testing fixture. This test gave us information on the force required to compress the plunger to a certain position.

The test profile is as follows;

  • Preload to .01 lbs
  • Compress syringe plunger 1.5 inches
  • Measure Average Load and Peak Force
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