Nerites Corp., a specialized adhesives and coatings startup develops materials for medical, industrial, and consumer applications using unique synthetic protein adhesives.

Nerites seeks to replicate natural adhesive properties. “We know that, in nature, mussels can generate a tremendous amount of adhesion on wet surfaces- whether it’s a rock, or a pier or the bottom of a boat,” Jeffrey Dalsin, a senior engineer at Nerites, explains. “Our goal, using DOPA, is to develop those same properties in a synthetic molecule.”

“We’re interested in looking at the mechanical properties of our adhesives to make sure that they are a good mechanical match for biological tissues,” Dalsin says. Accurately measuring materials properties, such as gelation, adhesion, elasticity, viscosity and curing time is important for biomedical applications.

Nerites contacted ADMET and explained its needs: a small, horizontally configured tabletop machine that could test materials at low force ranges in a temperature-controlled saline bath, which is akin to the biological environment.

ADMET recommended and delivered its eXpert 5602 tabletop testing machine equipped with an eP2 Digital Controller. The grips were suspended in a tray that can accommodate wet specimens. Delivery took about six weeks, and setup was virtually automatic. According to Nerites, the in-house ADMET machine makes it easier to test different formulations. “The pressure generated in the brain and spinal cord is much different than the pressure generated in, say, a blood vessel”.

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