At ADMET we pride ourselves in our ability to modify our standard systems to meet the specific requirements of every customer. Much of our product line has evolved in some way from a custom application. Today, we are excited to announce that single and dual column testing systems equipped heating and cooling chambers can now be paired with long-travel extensometers.

Until now, users testing specimens inside of heating and cooling chambers had been limited to clip-on extensometers. Although clip-on extensometers work well for most tensile tests, they are not ideal for high-elongation materials. Recently, a laboratory testing elastomers using an ADMET eXpert 7600 XLT with a long-travel extensometer saw the need to test their specimens under controlled environmental conditions. To meet their needs we extended the vertical testing space and viewing window, and shortened the depth of the F-280DT heating and cooling chamber to fit on the eXpert 7601 single column frame and surround our EX-900CT long-travel extensometer. The result was a compact, table-top testing system capable of accurately measuring specimen elongation under controlled temperature conditions.

Heating Cooling Chamber Single Column Extensometer long travel

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