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eXpert 5900 Series for Fatigue Testing

If it was easy and cost effective to perform fatigue testing, everyone would do it. Right? Fatigue testing allows manufacturers and researchers to get a critical understanding of how a material or component will perform in real-world loading scenarios over the course of time. This is extremely important for certain industries like aerospace and automotive. However, manufacturers and researchers alike face a serious dilemma when it comes to being able to execute reliable and efficient fatigue test results.

Bucknell University – ADMET: Planar Biaxial Testing for Soft Tissue Research

Bucknell University Mechanical & Chemical Engineering departments use ADMET’s eXpert 8000 Planar Biaxial testing system equipped with MTESTQuattro, an environmental bath, and the ADMET video extensometer for fibrous soft tissue (eg. skeletal muscle, tendon, meniscus) [...]

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Material Testing: Crucial Step in Bridge Development & Engineering Design

Bridge failures underscore the importance of rigorous material testing. The collapse of the incomplete pedestrian bridge at Florida International University on March 2018 is an example where design errors led to growing cracks as [...]

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