This post will help guide you through pinching (pincer) grip setup and operation on your universal testing machine. Pinching grips are low capacity tensile grips used to grip small size samples.

Pinching grips may be supplied as a manual version, pneumatic version, or with a chain mount for flexible positioning. For further information on ADMET pinching grip options, click here.

Contact us to determine whether a grip solution would work for your specimens.

1. Installing the Grips

1.1. Place female eye end of grip onto the male eye end on the testing machine.

1.2. Align pin holes of male and female eye ends, insert pin.

1.3. Using a spanner wrench, tighten locking nut against fixture to eliminate axial play (wobbling).

Pinching pincer grips

GSP Pinching Grips with Thumb Screw

2. Grip Usage

2.1. Place test specimen between pincers and tighten with thumb screw for GSP-0.1PT.

2.2. Squeeze lever arms of GSP-CH-F to open the grip for specimen insertion.

2.3. Insert specimen between the upper and lower grips to start testing.

pinching tensile grips

GSP-CH-F Pinching Grip with Lever Arms

3. Maintenance

3.1. Clean pincers after use. Wipe away sample fragments or residue.

3.2. Pincers do not require lubricant.

3.3. If pincers become worn or damaged, contact ADMET for a replacement set.


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