XYPlot on Live Screen

materials testing graphs
Highlight– Use the mouse to highlight an area of the realtime plot. Each time the area is highlighted, it will zoom in on the highlighted area. Then right click to Export the image in .jpg or bitmap format.

materials testing graph 2

You can export the original realtime xy plot and/or the highlighted xy plot.
Using the cursor. Right click anywhere on the plot to see the menu below.

export jpg menu  export jpg2 menu

materials testing graph 3
Choose show cursor. Now scroll over points on the plot and click to mark points. The coordinates will print in the upper left hand corner of the plot.

materials testing graph 4

materials testing graph 5
Using the same pop-up menu, choose set scale. The set scale menu pops up.

export set scale

Choose x, y, and optional y(if you have this version, this will be an active choice) Also, you can select Show Plot Tools from initial pop up menu, and you will see a series of arrows on the bottom right of the screen. You can use these arrows to expand, compress, move up, move down, left,

materials testing graph 6

Setting up a Multi-Plot using the Multi-Plot icon

materials testing graph 7

**When finished setting up Multi Plot, Press Refresh MultiPlot

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